Two Estes V2 Kits (Kit #1904)

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Dec 29, 2003
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I was in one of those marvelous hole in the wall hobby shops today and saw two of these beauties hanging on the rack! They were listed at $32, though, which seemed pretty steep.

I'll be back Friday--should I go ahead and pick them up? Are they worth that much for a collectible?

that is steep .
but they are great rockets,,
one of my all time favorite estes kits
and It would be a shame to just put them in a closet

but to each his own
Offered the gentleman $55 for the pair--and he accepted. A fair deal all around, I think.
I think that you did well!! This is a neat kit. With 2, you can build one stock, and one as a V2 variant like a blossom, or a Bumper!!
This is one of my favorite kits. I can't help but wonder where Estes has their collective head when these things go for thirty or forty dollars on Ebay. A re-release of this kit would sell like crack on government check day. I can think of three ways I'd kitbash it without even trying hard!