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The mass launch of 24 Deuces. They went in 2 waves, here they are just starting.
Unfortunately, neither altimeter fires the apogee charge and it looks like a lawn dart in the making - until the main fires at 800 feet. The chutes strip, but the damage is light:
Even though I used Lite Ply for the fins and through the wall mounting, the F21s were too much and the rocket lost it's fins:
Originally posted by Rocketjunkie
The mass launch of 24 Deuces. They went in 2 waves, here they are just starting.
Cool pix! I was wondering how it went.
SEARS 572 mass launched two dozen Deuce's Wilds at the Feb 12th launch in Samson, AL. Most were stock Fliskits and some were scratch. One was the Deuce of Hazzard 13mm version of the Deuces Wild built by Jim Flis.

A special 24 rod launch pad and 24 output launch controller was used. The weather was perfect. When the button was pressed thirteen left the pad immediately followed by ten more a few seconds later.

Another highlight was the visit from Tom Binford from Statesboro GA. He brought his 54mm Deuce upscale. It was a perfect flight on two J350s.

Definitely wild! See the photos at

A special thanks to all that made this event a wild success:

Jim Flis
John Hansel
John Stein
Tom Binford (Rocketjunkie)
Bill Bosley
Chris Short
Keith Stewart
Marty Wiggins
Randy Wiggins
Jack Kale
Gary Goldenbaum
Kendall Brent

This event was inspired by the unique design of the Deuce's Wild kit by Jim Flis of Fliskits.

Thanks Jim!

Greg Lane
SEARS 572 President
very kewl :)

Ya think those guys down there have heard of FlisKits *now*?? :)

thank you for your efforts in this. It sounds like you guys had a ball!

I'm going to be sending you an email about snatching a few of these pix for the Deuce photo album.

great stuff! :)
Originally posted by LaneKG

Thanks again for attending and doing many excellent flights!


You're welcome. I enjoyed the pics and launch report.

Feel free to snag the pics I posted to this thread and add them to your site.
Wow... congratulations guys. Nice work all around. You guys put up some cool rockets. I am certainly hopeful of attending a future SEARS event. Rocketry has been on hold for a while but hopefully things will work out.

Thanks for sharing. The videos rock!