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Two Cesaroni Pro 38 casings for sale

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May 8, 2013
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I have two pro 38 casings for sale, a pair of three and six grain casings, both "like new." Two pro38 spacers and a delay drill tool are also included. They are in very fine condition, the six grain casing having only been used once. The three grain casing has never been used. The only wear is that the sticker of the six grain casing is a bit worn.

Price: $100, or best offer (+shipping).

Please contact me via this email to negotiate: [email protected]

Sir, just thought I'd mention, a few of our fine vendors can beat that price brand new. Retail iis only 10 bucks more. If you wanna sell it, you may want to lower your asking price. To each his own but just saying, not criticizing.

Mikey D
For the 'best offer', does the offer have to be above the $100 listed?

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