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i'll make them out of dowels, maybe add 3 outboard 13mm motors???

it is a 24mm MMT, BT80 airframe, 8" concrete form for the ring fin (which also needs airfoiling) 3/16 balsa for the fins...
Very cool upscale :cool: I never knew the Fat Boy was such a versatile design!

The original FlisKits Tumbleweed is one of my most prized rockets. It's only flown 4 times & only in a small, short grass field on 1/2A motors. It's hard to tell how high it goes. You pretty much push the button, look up in the sky hoping (praying) to see it, but ultimately don't move for about 60 seconds so that you know it's on the ground & then go look for it! haha

Yours should be MUCH easier to spot.
from the Fat Boy extension tube...pretty blue!
the FB cluster is unharmed.

i have launched my Tumbleweed clone 4 times on either A10 or A3 motors...i can usually follow it 'til ejection, then *pop* GONE!

first time i launched it there were 6 people watching, nobody saw it. somehow it was found while chasing another rocket.
second time i launched the mosquito and the tumbleweed, found neither, was coming back with another rocket and noticed them both on the track!

3rd flight a friend found them on an upper field...

each time i launch one of those featherweight recovery models, i assume they are lost for good before i ever push the launch button.

i'll use a chute on this version.

thanks for the reply!
mostly painted...
i think i want to do silver on the pods...