GO Tulsa Rocketry May Launch - May 15th - Leonard, OK

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Jul 24, 2017
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Good evening all, Tulsa Rocketry is going to be holding our next launch on May 15th in Leonard, OK (South of Tulsa). We are hoping for good weather and light winds! Come out and fly some rockets with us!

Day: Sunday, May 15th (backup date is May 22nd)
Time: Setup at 1230; Launch Window 1300 to 1700 Updated Time: Setup at 1130; Launch Window 1200 to 1600

Event Link: https://tulsarocketry.org/launch/ and

Directions: https://tulsarocketry.org/launch/map-to-launch-site/

Weather: https://www.windy.com/35.933/-95.788?35.901,-95.788,12,i:pressure

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From our Prefect:

The field has received 0.8" today. If it does not rain any more today/tonight, the field will be OK on Sunday. More rain is forecast for tonight though. Also, a front with thunderstorms is forecast to move through Tulsa about the time our Launch would end at 5 on Sunday.

Will make the final call tomorrow before noon.

Updated Start Time: 1200

From our Perfect:

Please note that I would like to start an hour EARLIER than originally scheduled. This just gives us more time to fly and pack up before the forecasted storms roll in late afternoon or early evening. We have a number of members that drive significant distances and I want to make sure that everyone has time to fly and we are not rushed at the end.

So Set-up will start at 11:30 tomorrow with the goal to start flying at Noon. I realize not everyone may be able to get to adjust their schedule an hour earlier, so come when you can.

From our Perfect:

The storms stayed away and we had great flying conditions for most of the day. There were a total of 32 flights - 13 Low, 4 Mid, and 15 High Power.

Congratulations to Mark Mc Riley and Mason Torgerson on their successful L1 Certification flights!

Birthday Boy Stacy Worley flew his Alien Interceptor which qualified for the 1/2 Mile Challenge at 2651'. Stacy set a high bar at 11' off the target altitude in that contest, but don't let that stop you from trying. There is also the 1/4 Mile Challenge (1320' +/- 132') that no one has qualified for in 2022, so keep that in mind for future launches.