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Jan 17, 2009
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I am getting ready to start on a LOC Clyclotron, a tube finned 38mm rocket. It came with 1/2" launch lugs. I do not own a 1/2" rod and do not care for tubular lugs in larger sizes anyway. I like the linear rail lugs that fit on the standard rails but was perplexed as to how to mount them on a tube fin rocket. Then I realized that it might work if I align the lug with one of the fin tubes and allow the rail to pass through the fin.

Has anyone seen anything like this? Or are there alternative suggestions out there?
I did exactly what you stated. I put rail buttons on the inside of one of the tube fins (a scratch built) and pass the rail through the tube fin. Never had a problem.
Rail inside the tube or rod between tubes, either will work, although in the first case you might have to add an offset/standoff depending on the tube radius and clearance required for the rail.
Thanks for the info. I've started work now!