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If your talking tube fins in terms of smaller tubes clustered around the airframe, like the Custom Razor or the Quest Totally Tubular, they did make one in 1991 (only) called the Super Neon. It did have small fins sticking out from between the tubes, though. There are no plans available on the net on the usual sites, but here's a link to the ninfinger catalog page showing a pic:

I guess I should also mention that one of the two rockets in the old Starfighter Combo Kit had similar tube fins.

Now, if you're talking tube fins in terms of larger tubes mounted concentrically with the airframe, there were a few. These would necessarily have some fins to support the larger tubes. A few examples that come to mind are the USS Hyperion, Star Rider, USS Cassiopeia, Starlab, and the World Federation Star Probe.
I built a 13 mm downscale of the StarProbe (I had BT60 lengths laying around, that's why). I've flown it once, and it was a beautiful flight.
There was also the Torellian Invader, one of the two kits in a Sci-Fi combo kit that Estes offered in the very early '80's. Of course, similar to the Super Neon, it had small fins mounted on the tubes.
Thanks guys; a big help as always. I look in to these a little more and see if I can clone me one or two. As for clairfication I ment cluster around airframe.
For the two Estes tube-finned rockets that fit your description, the Super Neon would be the easiest to clone, even with no plans available. The Torellian Invader plans are available, but you will be hard pressed to come up with one of those nose cones (also used on the Alien Invader.)

For the Super Neon, I'd approximate an 18" length of BT50, six BT50 "d" engine mount tubes (2.75" long) for the fins (mounted flush with the bottom of the airframe,) and then make the little fin/winglets out of a strip of 3/32" balsa, 3/4" wide, and cut the root edge on a 45 degree angle. Approximate the leading edge to be about 1.5" long.

I bet that's pretty close, just looking at the picture and catalog description.
Like your saying definately not to challenging. All I have to do now is check my stash and/or get a BMS list ready.
Just got my BMS parts in today will begin on it later. Wish me luck.
I wonder why Estes put small flat fins on their tube finned designs (like the Super Neon) since these small flat fins are not necessary for flight stability?

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
Probably because someone at Estes thought it looked cool and would get some kits sold. That is probably 99 percent of the basis for ALL the stuff they do. I wonder how many 'rocket scientists' they actually employ, versus how many marketing people. I would make a bet that Estes designs are chosen for production based on an assessment of whether an 11-yr-old kid could build it.
Yeah corporate assimilation is really sad. At least we still have some real brow sweaters left. i.e. Thrustline, FlisKits, Rockethead Rockets, etc., etc.
I mean don't get me wrong Estes was my first love, probably due to availibility, but variety is the key I think.

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