Trumps Hobbies (nope, not "that" Trump), Corvallis, Oregon Closing their doors probably end of June 2022.

Paul Howard

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Jan 8, 2022
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Corvallis, Oregon
Heads-up: If you are anywhere the Corvallis, Oregon area, the "2 Jim's" are ready to retire, the supply chain is a problem and after 40+ years, Trumps Hobbies is closing their doors probably the end of June 2022. So if you want to buy stuff, or buy the business you might want to get what you can while you can. I got this straight from the proverbial "Horses-mouths" who gave me free license to spread the word. There's some LPR kits and motors, plenty of RC doo-dads and other hobby stuff. We've been really lucky to have a local shop like this for this long.