Troubleshooting OpenRocket: OR Won't Give Flight Data

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OpenRocket Chuck Norris
Mar 27, 2013
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Caveat... This presumes that you're using OR 15.03, and your version of Java is compatible. Developer's versions may have incompatible requirements for Java.

So, you've made, or downloaded a .ork file, but for some reason it won't give you flight data now. What Gives? One thing you can do is delete a component, and see if the flight data returns. If it does, something is wrong with that part. If not, restore it, and try the next component.

I found that when I used a zero length transition for a nosecone insert (to get different ODs for the shoulder that fits inside the cone, and the shoulder that mates the nosecone to the body tube), OR balked. I had to troubleshoot it as I described above. Once it changed the nosecone insert to be the same OD as the nosecone, and a length of .0000001", I got my flight data back.

Hope this helps!