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Jul 18, 2012
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I have been having a heck of a time with the forum in the last several days. Pages take forever to load, attempted posts hang and then give a page not found error until I page back and retry, and attempts to load thread to the newest post hang for a long time. I have Comcast cable at 2.7 + megabits per second. Anybody else having trouble? Is it just weather related internet trouble, too many members on at once, or is my machine having Gates Syndrome?

(NAV up to date, spyware/malware/adware scan daily, firewall in place)
No problems here in Germany, page loads are quick and the information posted is superb as always!
The only thing I've noticed recently is some of the IM (online/offline) icons loading slowly. This is due to the slow response from the IM provider (AOL, yahoo, etc) not TRF.

What browser are you using and do you have it configured to render the pages as it has content (vs. waiting until all info is available)?

Other than that, I'm always willing to blame Mr. Gates. :)
Originally posted by Chuck Rudy
Don't feed Willy Gates and don't use Comcast and all is well.

Hmm, Comcast works wikked pissah for us Bostonians Chuck ;)
They just went through with the a high speed video line. Since the flagman looked bored I asked him if this was my DSL turbo line, he said yeah. But the line is also for high speed video and they will be offering the Dish Network through goodbye Comcast and your part time cable. Odd how my phone line never goes down but cable is down at least once a month. We're gonna have to throw a party to burn the Comcast convertor.

Just talked to the guys installing the lines, we're gonna have the option of 5, 15 or 30 megabit transfer. Cable is 3, I can wait till November. But the video part has to go through legal stuff, like the inept cable company whining and complaining. So they figure that's a year away.

Originally posted by joepolicy
No problems here in Germany, page loads are quick and the information posted is superb as always!
What part off Germany are you from?

Nuernberg on my side :)
i did notice my internet slowing down but thats cause i stupidly downloaded icq from so naturally theres spyware