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Dec 3, 2010
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Has anyone ever had trouble exporting a 3d image? I’ve done it several times before but it’s not working now. When I export the image, all I get is a blank white image only a few kb is size. I’ve saved, “saved as” and even restarted the program several times. Nothing. Anyone have any ideas?

Yeah, I've had that problem. I'm sorry but I think I found a solution. As a workaround, I used a graphics package to grab the window contents and save the grab in the normal way.

Incidentally, I've found that even when the export does work, it produces a disappointingly low-res image, so I pretty much always use the screen grab method now.
yeah I have that trouble too. not only is the output image low-res, it is from some default camera angle, not the one shown by the program.

Rocksim has an option to output VRML and it appears to work, but I can not find a VRML viewer that works!
Cosmo is the first one I tried - unfortunately it doesn't work on my "modern" win2k machines. didn't bother trying it with my xp machine or linux :)
Anybody tell Apogee about this and see if they can come up with a patch or something?

I mean, isn't RockSim supposed to be able to export the images? If it can't do what they say it's supposed to do, sooner or later they'll have to fix it, so they might as well know about it as soon as possible.

What version of RockSim are you trying to export the 3D image from? What computer operating system are you using, and how much RAM memory do you have? I export 3D images from RockSim (version quite frequently, see attached example. It might help to simply reboot your computer since this application uses a lot of memory.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055, Section #535, Tri City Sky Busters

Couldn't get back to you sooner since I was out flying with my new NAR Section!
I'm using V7.0.1.0 on XP with 376mb of RAM. I have rebooted but that didn't help. I've watched mem usage while I try to export a 3D image and I only go as high as 201mb.

I have done it several times before. I don't understand why it's not doing it now? Attached is my bowling ball rocket.


Send an e-mail to Apogee at:

and let Tim Van Milligan know you have RockSim version and ask for the upgrade to the latest version He will give you this upgrade for free which should fix the problems you are having with the software and offer a few new features (texturing and decal placement).

As for the Rocket 3D image the jpg looks great! Is this for an 8 pound loft? If you want/need something quicker than downloading and installing the patch, post the .rkt file and let me know what you require. You can send me a Private Message (P.M.) me if you want to keep the file confidential.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055, Section # 535, Tri City Sky Busters
I reinstalled the software and it’s working now. Thanks to everyone for your help.

Yes, that is my LDRS BB loft entry. I went 2713 feet on a CTI I540. Geoff Elder beat me by 40 feet. :(