Tripoli Wisconsin - September 23rd and 24th

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Jan 21, 2009
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Franklin, WI
Tripoli Wisconsin - September 23rd and 24th... What are you flying? My flights plans:

54 bird on an AT H-550 ST

Punisher 4 on an AT J-1299 W9

Eclipse SS on an AT K-1103 X

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Gizmo XL on a 75/3g EX load

Punisher 4 maybe an AMW 54skid

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Sweet! Looking forward to Saturday!

Minie Maggs on I motors, Loc Vulcanite on a Vulcan H76, hopefully Hot Topic on a K2050 Super Thunder airstarting (2) H210 Reds at 1.7 seconds....for its 16th flight in 16 years.

Maybe a big ol' Sconnie Sparky...haven't burned one in a while.

See you there!
I'm only coming up on Sunday - Soccer games and family things on Saturday...
3" Punisher on an I300, and 4" Punisher 1st flight on a J450...
I won't be able to make it to this launch- best of luck to everyone who is flying!

Also, my red and black interceptor 54 is still out there north of the runway/road. Hopefully it turns up!
Don't forget wildman is providing lunch tomorrow
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And a fabulous lunch it was. Many thanks to the Wildwoman for making us lunch and for Tim hosting it.
Also thanks to Jason for giving my guests some first aid supplies.
You sure got that right Adrian, the Wildman/Wildwoman lunch was just fantastic. Tim and Jackie, thank you both so much for the meal and for your fostering this wonderful sense of family our little group has. You two are the best.
Jason and I managed 5 flights, overall great day, but flippin hot!

J put up his Punisher 4 on a research K-500 which landed north of 142, in the apple orchard, 60' up in a tree. :facepalm:

I put up Eclipse SS next on the intended K-1103, yielded a great flight and some cool video. :)
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J flew an 8" Gizmo XL, great flight, landed on the island. :facepalm:

I flew my Punisher 4 on the intended J-1299 for a good flight, landed to the south.

Last one for me was my MAC 54mm bird on a wicked fast H-550, also a great flight and recovery due east. Seems we covered a lot of ground yesterday!

I'll sort through the limited video I took and post once ready. Eric, I got a great video of K-2050 cluster in Hot Topic. :)
I snuck out from the Tasting Room for a couple hours Sunday morning.

Mixed bag of flights - but I got all the pieces back!

1/35 Titan GLV. Both motors lit this time! Nice low flight on 2xD12-3s. The capsule comes down separately on a piston launched parawing - or rather, comes down in a flat spin under a tangled parawing. But hey, NASA never got it to work, either.

1/100 Estes Saturn 1B SA206 Skylab 2. Suffered chute separation and the booster came in hot and tail first. Looked just like SpaceX without the landing burn. Turned out the elastic shock cord melted. I'll have to check and make sure the Kevlar anchor is long enough to reach above the dog barf.

1/100 Estes Saturn V Skylab 1 on an AT E15-4. Nice lift off. Went unstable. Recovery worked well. The Skylab SIVB weighs the same as the kit upper stage with CSM, but I've plenty of room for nose weight under the Sandman turned Skylab nose cone.

Thanks for hosting, Tripoli WI.