Tripoli Wisconsin- Jan 7 at Bong

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Jul 27, 2014
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Anyone else going to brave the cold? I will probably only fly one or two things if I make it.
I'll be there, if weather is good I'll fly an EX M of some sort.

I'm going to try also. Got a new Quinstar G that would be easy to recover. And my Der Firelily shouldn't fly too high.

Wassail at the Cidery at 5pm.

I'm trying to get a bunch of filtering done ahead of time to justify the time away at launch.
I'll be there. One of my favorite bong launches of the year! Bringing a cluster of white thunder and white tundra, and we'll see what else. Looking forward to it!
I'll try to make it. Preston, I'll let you know if I do. I'll grab my chems from you then.
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I am planning on being there. Not sure if I am flying or not- depends on the weather, and the snow cover.
I should be there... I need to pick up my Wildman Black Saturday order from Tim, and also drop a part off with Eric C. Thank you sir! :cheers:
Should be a chilly day- high 12-14. Winds 12-20 mph out of the northwest.

Assuming I am coming to get parking sticker and to pick up my order from Tim. Flying is questionable.
NOAA is showing 8-10mph winds.. definitely not warm, but flyable.
THIS. I went to prep a rocket last night, but checked the weather first... yeah... not flying...

To boot I will very likely have my kids in tow, and they are likely not going to want to stand around for a long time in the cold.
I'll be there with my kids too.. hopefully they'll be ok with me launching one or two (or three, or four :))
You're going to launch one or two of your children?

or three or four :)

I tried to get them in a multi stage configuration, but that only resulted in endless arguments over who got to be the "booster" and who was the "sustainer".
Will be balmy. At 9 am it should be about 2 degrees with winds out of northwest at 10 with gust to 17.

By noon it will be a whopping 8 degrees with winds 12-19.

A word comes to mind- shrinkage.
yeah- I'm having second thoughts about going. Maybe i'll just stay home and work on stuff in my heated workshop :)
I just got back. Got wires crossed with Tim, so he didn't have the part I need for launching the Quinstar G. Chatted a while and came home.

Prepped the 10 Gauge Winchester for tonight's Wassail.
Great time flying... bad weather, but great time.

I had 2 flights - tried out my new drago mini which had a beautiful 'up' part of the flight. Down wasn't so nice - ejected the motor out the back and nose darted in fast. A fellow flier (sorry - forgot your name) found it with the nose cone pushed into the body tube. I dug it apart tonight and the chute release and all internals are working fine! WIll work on my gluing technique and fly this guy again. My first fiberglass rocket and didn't scuff the fiberglass enough. Broke the motor mount off at the glue joints. It did fine on F40's, but the G76 was a little much for the weak joints. Still a fun day. Picked up the balance of my Wildman order so lots of engines to fly again...