Tripoli Wisconsin- Feb 11

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Jul 27, 2014
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Ok, for real this time- I'll be at this one! I have some small EX motors to fly. Beyond that, I dunno.

Who else will be there?
Yep, I'll be there.

Doin' some testing....4" on a H550ST and a 5.5" on a K535W. Maybe a Warlock on a J600 Blue.

I'll be there for at least the first part of the day... need to get some ground testing done on 2 birds.
Forecast is showing some fog/ cloud deck for the launch. Might be a low altitude day? Largest I'm launching is an H234 with an altitude of 3500' or so, so I'm less worried.
Great launch today! I only got 3 flights in, as my interceptor popped it's fins loose when it landed on the ice.
I only flew once flying my Broken Arrow 54 The motor used was a Aerotech DMS H219T very nice motor. But it landed near the pad and dented the retainer ring. Judy had a large group there must have been 20 L-1 attempts not sure how many passed. Almost no wind, clouds were low but it was great to get outside for the day.
Woo, finally catching up! Been away, then occupied for too long. Thanks Justin for the great video!!!

I did take some photos at the launch...sorry for the delay.

We did some testing of 4" rockets with H550 Super may see this combo at this year's Rockets for Schools event in Sheboygan, WI on 5/12-13/17 Nice flights to about 1300'




Eric B successfully achieved his L2 flight with his new Bruiser on an Aerotech J425R. So, so happy for him! Well done, sir!



Watching the ascent at the LCO table:



One more of the boost...this bird flew twice on the J425R that day!


The Northwestern U group flew what seemed like 50 L1 cert flights! All Wildman Sports on Aerotech H115 Dark Matters. Last time I checked in with Judy they had 15 new certified flyers and counting!


Dave Barber and crew were on-hand for the festivities. They hauled out a Warlock with a Gorilla I462 White Cloud.




Tom C. flew his Loc Expediter on a CTI I180 Skid.


Meanwhile, Justin took stellar video! And Kevin H. took outstanding photos. Far superior to that which I'm posting here. Check them out here:


More testing for Rockets for Schools! We used to use K550W's in the "Class 2" rockets. Then K1100T's for a bit, K445 Classics more recently. Looking at the SU K535W for this year's competition.

So we dug out my second HPR rocket...built it in 1999, still flying well today! Hot Topic on a K535W:




Main deployment directly above:

...and it nearly landed on Randy:

What a day! February in Wisconsin in sweatshirts....winds were low and the crowd had a great time. Thanks Frank, Bob, Dan, Peggy, Carol, Randy, and TWA. See you in March!

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Thanks for the pictures Eric!
Love the photo of my rocket support team (my son!) and I.

Also - thanks for the help in getting Bruiser back in action after the filet crack. It was a nice quick turn getting it back up and passing the L2 flight (finally....)!