Tripoli Wisconsin April 8

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Jul 27, 2014
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Who is not going to LDRS? I'll be there with whatever research motor(s) I can make between now and then.
I -hope- to be there, production schedule permitting.

I'd like to re-fly my 'E' size Spaceship One. I figured out that the rail guides were slightly out of alignment for the flight last launch. It made them bind up on the rail. I've got some E18 reloads, so I can go a little higher thrust, too. Hopefully the RSO won't bounce it due to the prior poor performance.

I'd also like to get my Nike Apache into the air for its boosted dart test. I need to rebuild the avbay. We 'borrowed' parts of it for one of Alex's rockets. Part which never came back.

I guess that means I'll have to stop spending evenings hand winding 3.44" paper body tube, and work on other projects.
Other than having to spend 2 hours looking for my interceptor, was a good day to fly!

edit- also stopped in at a certain place across a certain street and picked up a few certain liquid consumables.
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