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Mar 29, 2004
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In September 2004 Tripoli United Kingdom (TRAUK) underwent a reorganisation. Coinciding with her successful Tripoli Level 3 Certification, Cath Bashford has now taken over duties as Prefect of Tripoli UK.

To celebrate the new website, Tripoli UK would like to invite UK members of Tripoli Rocketry Association to join an expedition to the LDRS event in July 2005. For the first time, LDRS will be held outside of the USA, in Alberta, Canada.

This event is ideal if you would like to gain your Level 3 Certification, but were afraid to lose a rocket to the wind in the UK, or the performance too high for UK launch sites. The other benefit of LDRS is the access to motors not available in the UK (eg Animal Motor Works), and motors larger than M-class.

If you are interested in joining us on this excursion, please get in touch. Further excursions for the future are planned too.

The Tripoli UK website is now online at with Tripoli related News and Forthcoming Events. For those who join Tripoli UK, there will be additional features such as a Gallery, Forum and Event Calendar. Even more features will be introduced over the coming months!
Cath Bashford TRA #8616 TRAUK Prefect
Andy Moore TRA #7724 TRAUK Secretary
Wow .... just like busses ... you wait for ages and then two come at once


Seriously though ... I chucked out last year due to the high cost in relation to lack of any benefit here in the UK. I might be tempted back!