Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association March Madness 2009 Photos and Videos

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Roger Smith
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Jan 18, 2009
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TTRA's March launch was a two-day event. My wife and I borrowed my parent's "Rocketry Vehicle" for the event.


I should have taken a photo of the storage area before we unloaded it. Our Big Daddy Akavish just barely fit. If the rocket had been a couple of inches bigger, we would have had to rent a trailer or tie it to the roof.

Speaking of BD .... we launched him twice. On Saturday, we flew the Akavish on a J327 motor. In spite of a brisk breeze, the rocket soared pretty much straight up. The parachute deployed at apogee and the rocket floated nicely down to earth. According to the altimeter, the rocket reached an amazing 384 feet in altitude.


On Sunday, we launched him again, but this time using a K327 motor. Once again, he flew straight and the parachute came out right on cue. The altimeter read 684 feet - exactly 300 feet higher than the previous flight.


For the first flight, I attached an old P&S camera to one of the spider's legs. I used my patent-pending, high-tech, electrical tape method of camera mounting (which, so far, has worked well). Onboard video from the camera is included in the video below (which includes both flights of the Akavish):

Additional photos from the launch are in the PayloadBay Gallery. I'm still working on editing the videos - I took a lot of video footage. So far, I've completed two short videos:

-- Roger
Nice pictures and video, as always, Roger.


I get " An error has occurred while interacting with the database.". This happens with a few on that page, like the last two Cat Trap ones.

Thanks. I couldn't duplicate the problem. But, I ran a repair of the tables in the database just in case.

-- Roger