GO Tripoli Pittsburgh launch July 9th and 10th

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Feb 8, 2021
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This is a two day event, July 9th and 10th, which will be held at our Dragon Skull launch site near Isabella, PA. (See http://www.tripolipgh.org for directions.)

If anyone is interested, we have a night launch waiver available for Saturday evening. Let me know at the launch if you want me to call in the waiver.

I will be bringing the 16' tower launcher. It will handle rockets up to at least 200lbs.

Setup will begin at around 0800 hrs., Saturday morning, followed by a flyers meeting at 0930hrs. Flight operations will begin at 1000 hrs., ending at 1700 hrs. both days. The FAA waiver is 14,000 feet AGL. A through K motors are pre-approved for normal flight operations. L & M motor flights are permissible, contingent upon flight conditions, with prior approval from myself, John Haught, Dave Ratliff, or Rob Camele. In the future the Tripoli Pittsburgh website will have an online form for submitting this request. In the meantime, contact one of the aforementioned club officers to give us a heads up. All TRA Safety Codes will be strictly observed, and only TRA and NAR certified motors are permitted for certification flights. You must be at least Tripoli L2 to fly research motors or commercial motors that are no longer certified. Proof of current TRA or NAR membership (which will be checked against the current certification level lists) will be required to fly H motors and above.


At this point, the forecast looks fair. There may be some showers early Saturday morning, but the rest of the weekend looks good. As always, we try to give notice if the weather looks to be a problem.

Vendor Information: Ken Allen of Performance Hobbies will be attending the launch, so contact him if you need him to bring anything. https://performancehobbies.com/

Scott Kissinger of Dragon Rockets will also be attending the launch on Saturday. Take a look at his website if you want him to bring you anything. https://dragonrocketry.com/

Launch Guidelines

* Tripoli Rocketry Safety Codes are in affect at all Dragon's Fire Launches
* FAA waiver to 14,000 feet AGL
* Tripoli Pittsburgh member flyer fees: (per flyer or family): 1-day = $15.00 / 2-days = $20.00
* Non-member flyer fees: (per flyer or family): 1-day = $20.00 / 2-days = $25.00
* Student flyers fees: ( per flyer): 1-day = $10.00 / 2-day = $15.00

Hope to see you there!

Joe Pscolka, Jr.
TRA 09877, L3 TAP
President, Tripoli Pittsburgh #1