EVENT Tripoli Oklahoma Memorial Launch - Multi-motor Madness

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Sooner Boomer

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Mar 21, 2011
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James Brazell was a member of Tripoli Oklahoma who passed away in 2011. Two of Braz's passions in rocketry were cluster flights and rocket gliders. Braz still holds the "F" and "G" motor rocket glider duration records under NAR. This is a memorial launch in his honor.

We'll have two contests this launch, a contest for the biggest cluster, and rocket glider duration. The rules are still in the negotiation phase, bring anything you've got (in either category) to launch.

Weather permitting, Tripoli Oklahoma will be holding a launch at the Sayre, OK airport on May 18 and 19. We may not launch both days unless there is interest (or weather delays) on Sunday. Weather looks a little windy, but it may end up being welcome as the temps are forecast to be high Bring sunscreen!

Pads should be set up by 10:00 (waiver runs until 5:00). Our waiver goes to 16,500 AGL. All rockets, all sizes welcome! If you need to cert please notify the prefect so he can bring forms/tests.

Location: Sayre Municipal Airport, 6.2 miles South (on Hwy 283) of the Flying J truck stop at Exit 20 on Interstate 40. Indoor bathroom with a sink! (not a plastic box) Lots of flat land to recover in.

Launch schedule for 2024 posted at http://www.tripolioklahoma.org
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Sorry to miss this one, Dan. Want to come fly with y'all someday, and am working on some big clusters, but won't be ready this weekend.

That phto you posted has been an inspiration to me in black powder clustering ever since I first saw it. Hope someone who is ready will do Braz proud!
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Loved watching the videos of his launches. He will be missed. I would love to call that rocket "toasty".
PLEASE NOTE: due to weather (high winds), the launch will be Saturday May 18 only, the launch for Sunday is cancelled.