Tripoli Mid-Ohio this weekend!

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Feb 2, 2009
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Finally, we're launching again! Who's going?


Oh, Carl.....that "Big BLU" never made it out of your van at the last launch and I want to see it go!

For those not aware, he made the trip up from Cincinatti only to have the launch rained out within the first hour. And I mean it RAINED that day. Then we lost the field to crops for the summer. Needless to say, there are probably a lot of people looking forward to this weekend.
Ok...ok...since I am the web guy for the TMO site, I can at least give you the URL.

Chilly, it looks like we will miss you this weekend bro!:rolleyes: This launch unfortunately conflicts with our NAR Quark launch in Cincinnati and I need to be at that launch to certify a guy for Level 2. We already scheduled him to take the exam on site, along with the flight. Fortunately, this should be the last conflict we have as the TMO Prefect Gary Dickinson is really good about working with Quark and scheduling alternate weeks...this one just worked out to be a conflict.

I plan on doing my best to make the next launch and put that beast up...I am tired of waiting!!!

Cya and good flying,

I feel your pain...still haven't launched that rebuilt Javelin I showed you last summer. It's going up tomorrow, haven't decided on a motor yet though. Either H210R or H180W.
I'll also be flying an Estes Saturn V modified to handle G motors.

And if one of the onsite vendors has an Ellis Mtn. I69, we may just see how high a LOC Weasel can go.:cool:

Did you get to see "Bubba" launch??? I heard it was spectacular on the three cluster of "M" motors. I am still waiting for a report from the Prefect to post on the website. I want to see pics!

Hi Carl. Joe Grubb here. Not sure if we have met or not. Maybe at a TMO launch a couple of years ago.

I was able to attend the launch Saturday and see "Bubba" go. It was truly awesome. There was a long wait for a motor casing to arrive from Pittsburgh (I think).

Three M's is not something you see very often in Ohio!! Apparently a few saw it who were not actually at the launch or knew what was going on since Kreig had to explain to the law enforcement officials that showed up, three cars I believe, that the report of a plane crash and pilot parachuting to safety was slightly exagerated as it was only his 190 pound rocket decending on a thirty foot chute and yes, we did have permission to be there.

Always some excitement at a Tripoli Mid Ohio launch. Saturday was a great day with flights from "D" to "O" power (Bubba).

I'm sure Sunday was better since the weather was gorgeous but
I spent the day working.

"Bubba" was awesome! What made it great personally was that a friend of mine came along who'd never been to a High-Power launch. To say he was quite impressed would be an understatement.

Unfortunately, I had a very, very bad day. Worst..episode..ever.

My Saturn V went all of three feet, didn't even make it off the rod. It was on a G35 Econojet which didn't even ignite. The ejection charge fired instead, which blew the grain out of the motor and blew the whole thing out the back end. Broke the engine hook. Of course, if that's gonna happen it's better to still be on the rod than at 1200 feet. So at least it lived to fly again.

The rebuilt Javelin has to be repaired again; at least it left the rod. Launched it on an H180 and must've had some kind of hot gas blowby, because the ejection charge fired right after. It put on quite a display, chasing its tail right there in front of us.

Finally, I had a successful flight with my Stovi on a G64-7. Great boost to about 1300', good chute, and wind. Lots of wind. So one successful flight and we LOST THE @$&* ROCKET! It was the one I certified on, and of course the casing's gone too. Came down in grass only about 10 inches high, and we couldn't find it in two days of looking.

I should've listened to Gary: "some days it pays to just sit back and watch". If anyone's interested, I have three G64-7s, one F40-4, and an E16-4 that will probably be for sale very soon. :mad:

By the way, next launch is planned for Oct. 16th. I reckon that de-conflicts us with QUARK.
I finally got some pics up from the launch, including those of "Bubba", which launched on a central M2400 and two M1315's...absolutely awesome!

Click here to see em --> <a target="_blank" href=""> Tripoli Mid Ohio September Pics</a>

I played LCO on saturday, and got to push the button on quite a few rockets, from little to huge. was a very good day for rockets...

Anyone know if Art Upton ever had his little rocket on an ellis G (37 iirc...) returned?

Scott McNeely
Don't one's found my Stovi yet either.

Let's hope the weather holds up for this weekend. It's been beautiful all month so of course the forecast is for rain Saturday!
I don't know about the rest of you other Ohio fliers, but I frankly have become downright discouraged. Seems like we only get to fly HPR about twice a year despite our best efforts to do more. In the meantime, I've hardly flown at all with our kids because all of my eggs have been in the high-power basket for the last year or two.

I was going to pick up a BSD Thor to build this winter but instead the money's going towards a bunch of low-to-mid power kits, like the new Dynastar stuff and the Estes X-Prize kits. Basically, stuff I can take our boys out to fly whenever the weather's decent. Might pick up a G-Force since it'll do G35's in the same size field, just to scratch the HPR itch.

Sorry to poor-mouth but this year's been very disappointing and I had to vent. Got certified Level 1 and that's been about all. I'm holding out hope we can get at least one launch in under the weather before winter really sets in. If not, see you all in the spring!
To quote our former president, I feel your pain, Chilly! Our last 3 monthly launches have been cancelled due to rain, arrgh! Keeping my fingers crossed for October 30, figure that's our last shot before spring, unless November is unusually warm...

Well, I am hoping to attend this one and try to fly the Cluster Bomb once again...which means it will rain just like last time, right???!!!:rolleyes:

Cya there,