TriCities Rocketeers March 2018 Launch

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Oct 13, 2014
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Pasco, WA
The Tri Cities Rocketeers will be holding our next launch on Saturday, March 3rd, 2018. We will have a 10,000 foot waiver in place limited to L impulse open from 10am-4pm.

If you plan to fly an L motor, we would ask that you provide sim data that will show us that the rocket will not break the waiver (two sources please).

We do have a liability waiver policy. All event attendees (flyers and spectators, including children) must now have a signed liability waiver on file. These waivers will be good for our “fiscal” year (April 1st through March 31st). You can download the waiver here:

Please also note some minor changes to our safety policies as well. You can read them here:

Dry camping is allowed at our site if you would like to come early. Here is an overhead view of our site with camping area marked:

Please keep an eye on our website and the mailing lists for launch updates. No news is good news, which means I will only make a cancellation announcement if poor weather is expected. If the launch is cancelled, the announcement will be made at least 24 hours in advance.

If you would like to become a TCR member, it only costs $10.00 for a single membership and $20.00 for a family membership. All proceeds go towards maintaining and improving the equipment necessary to provide a better launch experience.

Hope to see you at the sod farm!

Read more: https://tricitiesrocketeers.freeforum...#ixzz4DwG2DjBD
Excited for the flying season to be starting up again! Won't make this one, but I'll be there in spirit. I gotta get some new stuff built for TCR launches this year!
And the stats are in! A reasonable number of flights for this early in the season. The weather was great but getting through the passes this time of year can be a bear.

Copied from our forum page:

What a great start to the new year! We had perfect weather with blue skies, temperatures in the 50’s, and virtually no wind all day. At the end of the day, we had a total of 42 flights, with a good contingent from the Spokane area. Once again, we had a fair amount of HPR flights, as people were ready to kick off the first launch of the year. The motor breakdown was as follows:
A: 1
B: 1
C: 7
D: 4
E: 3
F: 5
G: 13
H: 8
I: 1
J: 1
We had 2 successful L1 certification attempts and a 2-stage student project that flew and recovered nicely, even though the second stage did not light.
Thanks to all the help we received with setting up and tearing down – many hands truly makes for light work. See you next launch.