TriAgain...she Flew beautifully...

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May 2, 2009
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first on 3xD12-7 - straight as an arrow to apogee...perfect deployment, recovered intact.
last on 3xE9-6 - one motor may have shifted during liftoff, or lit late, but the rocket went a bit off course before it straightened out and made a beeline downrange...recovery system deployed but fouled, rocket lost.

i really need to build another one!
what a cool rocket!

wow! nice shot! looks like a great rocket. not surprised you didn't get it back, actually :)
we launched a few higher and got em back...

[edit- well, i was wrong, it sims to 3100' on 3xE9-6 and close to 2000' on 3xD12-7]

the photo clearly shows one motor not fully lit, see the small flame on the left compared to the fully thrusting motors?
the uneven thrust guided the rocket away from us until the 3rd motor lit fully...
i have it all on video.

if it had lit properly, it would have come down where it could have been recovered like the other 20 launches that included one G-class motor...(see thread in Events section for details).

but, thanks for your confidence!