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Jan 17, 2009
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Well after my BD Raptor body tubes got tired from landing on rocks and getting tangeled in trees, I decided to build a new upper section but this time I would glass the tubes. In the process of doing the tubes I decided I would also build another booster section with a twist. I decided to do a 75mm motor mount and only use 3 sets of fins. Well since I was building a new booster I also decided to make this rocket carry a video camera. I built the booster to have a removable coupler. This way I can remove the camera bay and just install a regular coupler and fly it without the camera. I also have the original booster that is 54mm powered. This rocket gives me a lot of choices when it comes to flying. We have named this "Tri-Raptorsaurus" and it will be painted Crazy plum purple and Hot lips pink, yes I said pink. The colors are the colors my wife picked out of my paint catalogs. Since she puts up with my son and mine hobby we have decided to paint this one for her. Here are some photos of what is done so far.
Glassing tip to tip


All the parts

Camera bay and standard coupler
Build looks good. What kind of camera are using?

I am using a Aiptek Action HD camera. I got this at wally world on clearance for 80 bucks and listed for 199. The camera takes nice video on the ground but we will see how it does in the air.