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Jan 18, 2009
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Hey all,

I'm designing the TRF ad for 10, 9, 8... (see here) and I need a tag line sorta thing. I've got the "The Webs Premier Rocketry Forum" bit in there, I've also got "The Rocketry Forum is the place on the web for all your rocketry needs. With over 1000 members, from all over the world, you can get freindly, helpful advice on nearly any rocketry subject." and "This February, The Rocketry Forum's 1000th member signed up. But, there are less than 20 active members from the UK!" But I need some sort of tag line, a bit like's " and your done!". I'm stuck for ideas and any suggestions would be welcome :)


The Web's Premier Rocketry Forum! is the tag line. But anything anyone can come up with I would love to incorporate it in the forum. Do I smell a competition here? :)

Here is what the search engines have:

Rocketry Forum: The premier forum for all things dealing with the hobby of rocketry. Hosts discussions on various model, high power, and amateur rocketry topics including the making and launching of rockets. Includes the ground support equipment used and certifications required. Featuring customer reviews and vendor feedback.