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Mar 1, 2009
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hey, i've been thinking about it, and i think that if enough people are in favor, we could do some sort of TRF secret santa thingy for the holiday season. considering there arent many launches around the country, it would add some excitement. we could make up a list and draw names, and all you'd have to give away would be some type of kit. nothing expensive, just like, 10 bucks. and shipping. anyone like this idea? or am i just being rediculous?
You like assign people to get other people presents, and you dont know who it is that is giving you yours.
i think it would be a pretty cool thing to do. and people could put up a list of what they really want, sortof like a "wish list" if you will. so that if they already have say, a deuces wild, then you dont get them another deuces wild. or something that they already have. you know?
i think we should start getting a list together. PM me to get your name on the list. then after say, december 1st, whoever is on the list will get a PM of who they got. when you PM me, be sure to include your mailing address or wherever you get stuff shipped to. i think it'll be cool.
ok, so far i've got 3 people who have PMed me, please, when you PM, include what you'd like and what you already have, so that you dont get the same kit that you already have...(unless you want two). thanks, i hope to get at least 15 people before i make the drawing. its not going to be the traditional way either. im going to draw the names, and then whoever you get, you will send them whatever, there is no minimum purchase, and it doesnt have to be more than 10 bucks (a lot of BETA estes kits are great for this) then whats going to happen is, we could either tell each other on christmas who's got who ON the forum, in a different thread, or this thread, or whatever...or we could mail them a note that says who they got. either way. give me some input on that please. thanks. thanks to the people who have already signed up. this was just a thought that came flying by my head the other day and i decided to see if it would get any support on a community as tight knit as TRF. :D

PS, try to spread the word, i know that some people who might be interested in doing this rarely check out the "coffee house" so just a mention of it would be sweet. thanks.

I've participated in another forums secret santa program.

I wonder if the mail order vendors would be able to send out TRF SSanta gifts direct. For example I order and pay for a kit and have it sent to so and so as a secret santa gift.

I'm in on this for sure.


Ok Count this vendor in, this could really be fun.

Man with beers, I think that could be done. you pay for the gift & shipping and have it sent to someone. I would be willing to do that as a vendor
that would be awesome of you man. people would save on shipping twice. thats cool man. thanks a ton. not a bad plug for your business either.;) hehehehe.
oh, how much are international orders. i was posed that question by someone who wants to participate, but doesnt want to shaft someone on an international charge.
International Orders are very weight dependent and package size dependent. In most cases "do not quote me" to canada $5-10 to most other places $15.00 and up. Also depends on the carrier used. I prefer to ship all packages to europe via USPS Global Express as they will provide tracking, it starts at 15.95 and goes from there. If you kept the size to say a Small to Medium sized "semroc" like kit It can be done without too much cost.
geez. i wonder if someone could pay with their credit card like..TO a UK site, and designate that it be shipped to the UK persons address...that would probably be a lot cheaper. because i know in america you can have it shipped to a different place than your mailing address. i'll have to investigate that.
As for saving on shipping , you are correct. If we could get more vendors to join in it will also expand the product lines available as well. I would be more than happy to ship to another person an order from my stores inventory to a third party that paid for it, that is pretty simple. I have done that before. IMHO the vendors to really get involved in this would be someone like John at thrustline he carries his "own" product line that would increase the selection.
or, maybe if we get enough UKers, we could put them all in a seperate drawing, and they could send to each other. you know? only if we get enough though. that would be pointless if we only had like...4 ukers.
PM me with your info and you're on the list!! this will be great if we can get a bunch of UK rocketeers to participate.
Originally posted by r1dermon
or, maybe if we get enough UKers, we could put them all in a seperate drawing, and they could send to each other. you know? only if we get enough though. that would be pointless if we only had like...4 ukers.

I like that, I like it alot. Certainly we must have a UK vendor that can help out????
Sounds GREAT! I'm in as well. I will PM my info to you in a bit. Got's to figure out what I want to put on my list. I probably missed it but is there a $$ limit or range like gift should be between $10 and $20 or something like that?

no way man, spend as much as you want, but you dont have to spend any more than 10 bucks. anything rocket related too. like, body tubes, nose cones, etc...
thanks guys. i didnt know if i had a winner here when i first posted, but there has been overwhelming support, and so far we're up to 13 people and 3 different countries. not too shabby. lets keep those PM's coming!!!! hehehehe.
Count Underdog in for the vendor idea! It will be a good boost on our TARC funds before the winter building begins! Send us an order and we would be glad to ship it!
lol, im sure if someones buying a polecat nike smoke....its a christmas gift to....THEMSELVES!!! lol. but hey, there's always a chance!!!