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Jan 18, 2009
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I know it's a bit last minute, but I was just reading on another forum about a Photo A Day challenge/project they've been doing (link). The basic idea is to take one photo a day for the next year, and upload it to a Flickr group.
Sounds like fun to me, is anyone else up for starting a TRF version?

Edit: Flickr group is here.

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sounds like a great idea

I'm guessing the rules are... "take at least 1 photo every day, upload exactly one photo for each day (for any topic, not just rocketry), but you can upload whenever is feasible (eg weekly or when you get back from vacations etc.)" ?

(will aim for the full 365, but it's the taking part that counts)
Better not upload many photos now, because there'll be lots on IRW :p
just asked to join the group, should be interesting.
Great! Looking forward to seeing what Jan 1st photos everyone takes.
Well there's a few 01/01/10 pics up. Had to start my photo diary with the fireworks. Now, where do I go with camera for 2 of 365 ?

@Dexter - IRW will certainly feature, but I suspect many will be non-rocket related.
Had to start my photo diary with the fireworks. Now, where do I go with camera for 2 of 365 ?QUOTE]

i'll make it easy on myself and photo the other dog:blush: but after that i think there might be quite a few singlr rockets from the fleet appearing, along with a few odd ones.
Mine will almost certainly feature rockets and bikes even if just as "filler" material for busy days where I'm not able to do anything else.
Come on, is it only me, WiK and andy who haven't quit? What happened to the rest? Howard?
OK we're nearly at the end of 2010 (where did all the time go?). Some of us managed to keep the photo a day going this far, and I'm certainly not going to quit now!

Who's up for another 365, one every day, next year?

Here are my 11 monthly favourites so far (will edit December in later of course):

Jan: Skiing in the Dolomites

Feb: Skiing in the Dolomites

Mar: Mountainbiking in the Odenwald

Apr: Contrasting Clouds

May: Mosel/Moselle (Germany-Luxembourg Border)

Jun: Colourful Clouds

Jul: The most amazing sky, just after an impressive thunderstorm

Aug: Had to get a rocketry pic in somewhere!

Sep: Moon

Oct: Brand new chain for a brand new bike

Nov: Shiny new cassette for bike


edit: added Dec photo in (might change it later)
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Wow! Time flies! Doesn't seem a year ago that someone had the bright idea to take 1 photo every day. Well I've managed 364 out of 365 so far :) with one day to go:

My favourite 12 are above. Not enough rocketry photos, but I'll try harder next yr.

I'm up for a 2nd 365 - anyone else?

update: now succeeded - 365 days, 365 photos, 0 missed :)
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