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Dec 10, 2010
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24 more hours and I would have gone into full blown TRF whitdrawls. I may need professional help here... support and recovery is already taken...hmm...maybe AP withdrawl forum...of course if the site is down I couldn't get to it:eek: :eek: :eek:....breathe...inhale...exhale....ok...;) :p
I never received word as to what happened this time. I can only assume a server or radio went out. Either way we are back...

These radios know the day of the week. If I remember right just about every failure has happened on Friday afternoon so that we have to go all weekend without a connection. Go figure.
Dude! That was SCARY!:eek: :eek: :eek:
It got so bad that I even looked at RMR?!? Please tell me it was all a bad dream.
man my hands were shaking....I even got sick.....I am coughing and everyting
Ok, mods - go ahead and move it.

but - I was having withdrawal symptoms..........:eek:
lol... i told my mom 'man, trf has been down for like days'... she just said "really? like mabye 24hrs or something....." LOL! idn what i'd do w/o trf...:D
There is no dought I did go through WITHDRAWLS! Had to find somthing to do over the weekend. I don't know who's house it was. But I think I made the guy real happy!:rolleyes:
To whomever it was that worked their magic and got things back on track,
Thank You!

we don't pay you enough!
I was reduces to cleaning my workshop and reading RMR.

With substantial therapy I will be better.

New project:

Backup TRF Hot Site -

I figure:

2 Sun Fire 15K Servers (Mirrored)
A Storage-Tek SAN (Symmetrix?) - 2000GB to start
A Terabyte Data Silo
A APC Matrix UPS

Located here:

Just tring to figure out how many OC3 lines we need.

I'll have a paypal account for donations set up in the morning.
I had nothing better to I went to a launch and got my L1.....check it out in the high power section.:D
I didn't realise I had an obsession until I tried to find TRF on every computer I passed!!!
I've been so bored at work that I actually did some - *gasp* - work!!

And... it's alive again. WTG Milo and all you guys who poked the ISP to get it fixed! :D

Seriously, I was having withdrawals! Going to school and not being able to read TRF during free block... it's like eating a peanut butter and jelly without the peanut butter... just doesn't work too well...
I was reduces to cleaning my workshop and reading RMR.

::shudder:: oh, the horror!!

actually TRF being off line was productive for me. I started a PML Callisto (ask me why I am not impressed by poop-pipe), and made a lot of progress on the Saturn V, and look out world for the Nike Double Crayon!
Ok, I'll bite..

Why are you not impressed by "poop pipe"

Could it mean you have a phobia against toilets, heads, louves and outhouses ?

Anybody else go to the German TRF? Along the lines of methadone to fight the heroin addiction I suppose.

Some great V2/A4 threads.

I used Alta Vista's Babelfish for the first time. Very interesting. Makes you really appreciate the complexity of language...

Like others, I didn't know how much I looked forward to coming to TRF until I the door was slammed in my face! I came in from a launch with a story and pictures to share. Boy I was disappointed:(
I will post it later:cool:
Glad were all back!
that was a long haul.

the DT's have abated

Glad to "see" everybody again.
Unlike the rest of you, I have a life, and I didn't miss TRF being down at all....

I didn't miss it when I checked and it wasn't up at 2:30 last nite.
Or at 7:30 this morning.
Or at 8:30 this morning.
Or at 9:30 this morning.
Or at 10:30 this morning.
Or at 11:30 this morning.
Or at 12:30 this afternoon.
Or at 1:30 this afternoon.
Or at 2:30 this afternoon.
Or at 2:31 this afternoon.
Or at 2:32 this afternoon.
Or at 2:33 this afternoon.
Or at 2:34 this afternoon.
Or at 2:35 this afternoon.

Or right after my hastily arranged electroshock therapy session,at 4:30 this afternoon.

Then, when I got the email telling me that "Sandman has just replied to a thread...." and I clicked on the link and I still couldn't get TRF to come up, the chest pain wasn't angina-like at all.

Really, honestly, I'm a grown up and I just take these little annoyances in stride.

:D :D
Silverleaf wrote
Why are you not impressed by "poop pipe"

this is my first PML kit so maybe there's some stuff to learn yet ...

on the one hand the PML tubing is really tough. I've seen rockets come straight in from altitude and survive without a scratch on them.

on the other hand it shouldn't have to be so tough! maybe if the piston system actually worked reliably then the tubing wouldn't have to be overdone like that!

I think poop pipe is terrible stuff for rockets because of its high thermal coefficient of expansion. last night inside the house I sanded the MMT rings to fit the airframe tube. they fit nicely. take it all in to the garage, it's a little colder there, mix up some epoxy ... and the MMT rings do not fit any more!! it wasn't just a really tight fit, it was nearly 1/16" too big, after I had just sanded a bunch. well, how the heck is that supposed to work? how is the **** thing going to stay glued together sitting out there on the pad for an hour?

anyways I managed to get the MMT rings in, barely, but broke one in the process. looking at it I am not sure there wasn't a void in the plywood to begin with.

I tested the piston coupler tube in the airframe a few times today. at different temperatures it's either just right or too tight.

concerns about gluing ... it helps to rough up the surface but I am not convinced the epoxy bond is all that good. drips on the airframe just peel right off and do not leave a mark.

also, the tubing is heavy, even for the strength. the whole thing is very overdone. bleah. OK, I tried it. Not impressed.

all that said, I think the Callisto will be a great flier!