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Jan 26, 2009
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Not too long ago there was talk about a bunch of trf pics in a screensaver... Well i was thinking about it, and why not make a trf movie? It would be hard because we would need the video's to be captured onto computer files.

It would be hard also because the files would take forever to send, and the finished thing would be a long download, but its just an idea...

Anyone good at movie editing?
I've got a Mac with iMovie, it comes natural. :) Plus DSL to get the big files.
But yeah, I could do it. Just need the videos and maybe background music of TRF's choosing. Rocket Man, anyone? :)
Howsabout the rock version of Over the Rainbow that was played on DC's Rocket Challenge?
That would work too! Oddly enough, I sometimes hear that when I see some bigger motors fly.. Whoa! So does anyone have videos? I would do the video if people wanted it enough.
i have videos on my computer of lp stuff...

if i went to ldrs (cant stop rubbing in the guilt to my parents) id have alot more...

we should prolly do a mix of low and high, but stick more to mp and high cause... well... pshh, it just looks cooler.
Burn off copies of the the "TRF" movie on CD and sell them like the TEES...700 megs of video...
well, for the people that have video or can get it, how are we gonna send it to whoever will do the editing?