TRF isn't "remembering me"

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Balsa Bob

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Jan 17, 2009
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This just started the other day...
Everytime I visit TRF I have to log on with username and password.
The remember me feature ain't working.
Anyone else have this problem?
Yeah, I'm at the MIL's house and using her computer... it won't remember me either...

I'll clear the cookies and see how that works...

Later! OL JR :)
mmm, cookies
Browsers hate them, but there's more for me!

Many times there's a username and pass remember cookie that's corrupted or the hash style has changed in the site and it won't work. Removing the faulty cookie in these cases fixes the problem. Instead of removing all cookies, you might want to remove only the TRF ones (in this case)
For a while Firefox stopped remembering me on any site after I quit and restarted it. the fix was to delete cookies.sqlite (or something like that) in my profile folder.