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Jan 19, 2009
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Announcing the 2009 TRF Holiday Contest

The contest will be "The Best 2009 Holiday Story". I will create a thread here for folks to submit their stories; submissions will be accepted tomorrow through Jan 2nd. Being a rocketry forum, please make sure your story is rocketry-related.

To enter, type up your story and add it to the thread. After the 2nd, two of the moderators (John - JAL3 & John - Peartree) will select the top 5 submissions. Those top 5 will then be posted to a poll somewhere around the 5th of January, and the members of TRF will vote on the top story.

Post your entries in this thread;

The winner will receive a FlisKits Decim8, donated by Uncle Mike's Rocket Shack.

Thanks to Uncle Mike for donating the prize, and coming up with the contest idea!

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I'd really like something to read while waiting for my next Amazon order to come in.
I'm really surprised that more people didn't enter this contest especially with a prize like a Decim8 up for grabs.;)

A big high 5 to those excluding myself that did enter.:)