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Jun 30, 2010
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Does anyone want to test out the beach that Arthur Dent has used in the past called Middleton sands by Blackpool/Morcome? From what I hear , it is quite large and stable to fly rockets there. The only thing is that I'm worried about is the wind speeds as it is a beach?
My dad pointed out that there is an even larger beach next to Middleton Sands called Pendine Sands and he says that that place is gigantic! He has been there on his motocross bike and had hours of fun , so it should be capable of flying rockets on it. A few things that need to be worked out is , when the tide is in / out. Whens the best time to fly on the beach after the tide is out? And the biggie , who is up for it ? :p
I could be tempted, but it's not very central for a meet is it?

How about meeting up at the Canterbury Cup?
Well it's just for a small launch , consisting of TRF members or any other rocketry buddies that want to come along . We could meet up at the seafront , or say the nearest McDonalds ect.
The 24th or 31st , what ever is best for people.
It's the 24th tomorow and I might be heading down to Middleton sands , or somewhere around there for a small launch . I was wondering if anyone else would like to join in ?