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Jan 20, 2009
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Strange things are afoot, but not at the Circle K.

This past weekend, as I was sitting in a "classroom" (it's not really, but I won't go into that) with my newly assigned Navy Reserve unit, I decided to check in on TRF. We all had web-enabled computers at our desks, and most people were checking up on e-mail, doing official paperwork, doing online Navy courses, or taking a break with the web. I glanced around at what some of the other folks were looking at, and noticed that one guy, a couple rows ahead of me, was looking at some HPR stuff. I made a mental note of it, "Gonna have to see if he's interested in TRF." Few minutes later, I looked back over, and I saw that he's apparently already in TRF!!!

Next chance I got, I introduced myself, and it turns out that one of the members of my new Reserve unit is none other than our very own bobrogg. Of all the millions of people in the greater LA area, and hundreds of Reservists who could have been in that classroom, I get a TRFer!

Talk about weird!

OH, Great!!:rolleyes:

Now I got that STUPID song in my head and it won't go away!!!:(