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Sep 23, 2014
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The TRF website needs an acronym, abbreviations and other common translations listing. It ideally should be located where anyone can access it; like a sticky in Educational Programs, etc.

Several TRF postings refer to 'acronym list', but I cannot actually find a comprehensive listing anywhere.

Imagine some newby or someone with an intelligence quotient slightly less than 180 reading the following:

"... running two B/T LCD receivers..."

"... 3DR radios are an option..."

" ... though the DD sequence..."

"4.5" FWFG Yes. 5.5" FWFG Yes. 5.0" FWFG Unfortunately no. "

How about starting a lookup listing which would actually benefit and assist someone reading the posts on this website. People will continue to utilize acronyms and abbreviations, but a lookup reference table listing all the most commonly used ones would have definite value and utility.

Meaningful conveyance of knowledge can only occur when the material posted can be read and understood by persons accessing the information contained.