Tres motor mount shroud

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Jul 18, 2012
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I was carefully following the directions for the Tres motor mount shroud and attempting to "lightly score" the lines. I sliced through on the tab section, thereby proving my wife's assertion that I should not be allowed to handle sharps.
I had a piece of crack and peel label paper that I had used for fin coverings, so I peeled it and layed the shroud on the sticky side, face up. I took the knife and cut out the shroud, and it was in one piece again. Worked just as it as supposed to, and the extra paper layer probably won't hurt.
Good repair job, there :)

Mistakes like that are bound to happen and you handled it just fine. The *main* purpose of that shroud is to hold everything in place until you get it glued into the body (then the shroud is just balast :) )

keep us posted!
Tres body tube with MMT installed. Fillets with gel epoxy. They really aren't as large as they appear, but smooth the transition into the body and fill any gaps quite nicely. I used something similar on the Deuce.
This is a new type of gel epoxy, made by VersaChem. It is five minute instead of four, and comes with one of the parts in blue. When properly mixed it turns cream colored. It also dispensed more evenly than the usual Locktite gel.