Transporting rockets to NARAM-46

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Jan 17, 2009
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[Mods- feel free to move this to Events or The Coffee House if necessary ]

Well, plans for NARAM-46 are coming together and we're turning this
into a family road trip to DC. What's the best method for transporting
rockets while dealing with wife/kids and associcated luggage in the car?

Normally, for local club launches my son & I just throw the racks in the truck, but
that isn't going to happen with the car. Plus the wife has made it clear
this isn't primarily a 'rocket trip'. Huh? What's up with that? :)

A quick TRF search turned up sandman's thread from 2002, but
I certainly don't have room for 'the box'... :(

Plus we're not competing, just going for the sport launch, so I don't need
elaborate foam and stainless crates. But I don't want to have damage or
major paint scratches either.

Any ideas?
I have planned for a while to modify one of those inexpensive fiberglass "clamshell" roof carriers into an enclosed rocket rack.

They are not expensive and all your rocket stuff is outside of the "family" storage area.

OK, I would store all my motors inside the car.

Most of my Competition buddies like to transport and store their models in rubbermaid boxes, usually one per event. with the models seperated with bubble pack. Scale and PMC's are usually in sperate boxes, fitted for the model. This is especially true if you've got a bunch of kids in the van:D
See ya there.
We had a family vacation meeting today!

It looks Like we (my wife daughter and son-in-law) are all going to Williamsburg, VA for NARAM week.

Since we all have way too much stuff and I want to go to NARAM for at least the Sport Flying weekend we need two vehicles!

I get my wifes Jeep Cherokee!!!

I can fill that sucker up! I get to go BY MYSELF! to NARAM and join them...later...hehe.


sandman:D :D :D :D :D