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Jul 25, 2009
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Just wanted to give some positive feedback on John at Transolve.
I placed an order with him late last Friday. One P6k altimeter,
one airstart board for the same, and 2 Micro sirens. I received
the order on Wednesday, complete, intact and well packed for
shipping. This is my second order with John, and the second time
I received excellent service.
I second that.

A couple of weeks ago I sent two altimeters to john to check. One was an older P2 which he said he doesn't support anymore.....but he did. I was just having it checked and it hadn't even drifted.

They came back to me all cleaned up and with extra stuff at warp speed. I think they were out of my hands for three days and two of those they were in transit.

Good products good service and a nice guy to boot!

Thanks John!!