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Jan 18, 2009
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Has anyone used the P6K? How easy is it to assemble? Doesn't look like it has many parts to solder on... I need something for my Tethys, and this looks like a good opportunity...
I have a pk6. It wasn't to bad to solder together.I have used it 4 or 5 times without a problem. A while back it blew a fet, when I armed it the nose charge blew on the rail. I e-mailed John at transolve about the problem. He was very quick with the reply. He said it blew a fet and that he could send me one or repair it for 5 bucks. I was using the twist wires together method to arm it,he said it sould have a switch. He also said that it needed low current ematches, I use the ones Wildman sells because thats what we have around here. I don't know how low current they are. I sent it to John , he repaired it and I have used it 3 more times without a problem. I would recommend it for a low budget altimeter. I also own a MC G-Wiz and a MC LC-400. Mike
Buy It.
Not very hard to put together. John at Transolve is great if you get into trouble. $58 - what more do you want? It works.
It only reports in 100 foot increments for altitude, but - it works.....
Good Luck
(FYI - my avatar is my stretched Tethys on an I200W)
Photo of my stretched Tethys
Here's the flight of my stretched Tethys with the Transolve P6K on-board.
Mmm... So it's pretty good, transolve has good customer service... I don't need it yet (heck, i don't even have all the parts to make my Tethys DD) but when I'm ready to fly those I's, I think I'll get it.
Another question

How do you change the main alt? the website says there is a 600/1200 ft chip available, do you solder said chip in place or is it interchangeable?
Best way to get info on Transolve products is to e-mail John. His e-mail address is on the website. He is very responsive, always helpful and direct to the point.

The regular unit comes with a chip that you can select 400 or 800 foot deployment. You change between the two with a jumper. You can buy the unit with the 600/1200 foot chip for the same price. Adjust between the two the same way. If you want all 4 settings - you buy the altimeter and the extra chip for $5 more.

To change from the 400/800 foot chip to the 600/1200, you just pop out one IC from its base and plug in the other you have. It is not soldered into the holder.