Transolve P6k and the Airstart Board.

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Jul 25, 2009
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Hi, I have a P6k altimeter, and have had good success with it.
I am thinking of adding Transolves airstart board to it for a
two stage rocket.

Has anyone here run the combination and what do you have
to report on them.

I have used the airstart board with the P6 on several occasions with great success. I have not used it with a P6K, but there shouldn't be a difference. I've used the Sanyo NiCad (N-6PT) for airstarts as it provides more amps to the airstart igniters than a standard alkaline 9V. That said, nominal voltage is 7.2V instead of 9V.

FWIW, I used Daveyfire F's for the airstarts which have worked perfectly with the board (knock on wood).