Trajector for $16, still.

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I'm getting ready to build one with Accur8 skins. Looking forward to it. Seemed like a fun way to take an E2x kit and make it more interesting. I'll be posting an abbreviated build thread eventually.

But yeah, $16 is a crazy value for this thing.
Order enough for free shipping. I got one a while back. Haven't built it yet (or the Mammoth).
I'm doing another launch for the kiddos at my sons' school in a couple of weeks; definitely bringing the Trajector because it has that PEW PEW PEW SCIFI look to it.
We love ours. Have flown it at every launch we've been to since it was built. My daughter (10) considers it her rocket. (My son (6) claimed the Mammoth of course). It flies great on an F15-6. Hard landings have busted off all the little fin bits (that's the proper aeronautical term by the way). I have a backup kit waiting for just in case. The Astron Sprint XL is also still on sale for $6. Fantastic flyer.
I haven't yet finished my "Chrome Trajector" because I've been too busy with other rocket projects, but I took advantage of the Estes sale last week and ordered another Trajector and a Mammoth. :wink: