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Sold Trailing Edge Technologies 'Estate' sale (DFW Area)

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My oh my. Again, very sorry for your loss. You certainly have an enormous inventory there, I hope it becomes a great blessing to both you and our little community.
Most of it is way beyond what I can fly now, but I did see some RMS 18/20 reloads in there! So I'll keep watching!
First off, I'm so sorry for your loss, and I hope you and yours are handling everything ok.

I think there is a decent chance that what you have there is the single largest collection of Dr. Rocket hardware anywhere at this point. That is a truly impressive inventory, and I'm sure it will all get snapped up within minutes on here. I know I'd personally be interested in the 98/5120, 98/15360, and 75/6400 cases to complete sets and replace a case of mine that got damaged.
Finally got a spreadsheet pulled together, please don't blast me for the simplicity as I just sorted by the different motor sizes.

My brother and I were not too familiar with the business, so we simply used my dad's pricing sheet as a guide with every expectation that people would offer what they believe the merchandise is worth.

We have had numerous people contact us about purchasing the entire lot and frankly that would be our preference too. However if there are people that are interested in groups/lots of the different sizes we would be open to that too. As you will see there are dozens of items we didn't attach a price too as they seem to be components of other items (namely the propellants).

Please let me know if I can answer any questions!

Thanks again for all the support, advice, condolences and well wishes.


  • Trailing Edge Inventory v2.xlsx
    19.3 KB · Views: 7
Damn, I really wish I was in the financial situation to offer to take the whole lot for what it's worth. FYI, those prices on your spreadsheet (especially for the cases) are all a good bit below their current retail value, and even lower than the best loyalty program & holiday special prices anyone's likely to get. All together this is easily over $15,000 worth of stuff, even assuming the discontinued Kosdon and Ellis Mountain stuff is only worth the same as it was when it was new.
The "end caps, nozzles" (known as fore and aft closures) etc. are highly sought after especially if you identify the colors (gold, red, blue, silver) and are usually sold separately from the cases.
I've got money set aside for closures if you sell those separately.
Thank you for helping the community that your father served.
I suspect it all went to a dealer unless someone had deep enough pockets to flip it all.

Time will tell if it was a flipper or a dealer. Just keep an eye out for an influx of casings for sale in the near future.