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Mar 15, 2017
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Has anyone tried using the "TrackR" or other Bluetooth tracking devices to find your low powered rockets?
If itˋs pure BT, Bluetooth doesnˋt have the range you need. Use a loud beeper or Rf tracking device.
If it uses cellphone towers to messagea rocket position, one needs good cellphone coverage at their flying venue.
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LPR I don't even try to configure to fly electronics past the Jolly Logic Altimeter 3. I've seen some very impressive and elaborate setups in the LPR range (RDH's 13mm carbon fiber two stage insanity comes screaming to mind), but I lack the dexterity and expertise in such area. You might ask some of the MMX folk --the things they do with the super-small is mindblowing.


Yeah, Tracking has to be creative in LPR. I always have the fear that I'm going to lose an RMS case in a small project. Mr. Beans alluded to a smaller Jolly Logic Chute release was in the works. Coop is giving good advice pertaining to LPR. Really small Rf trackers have limited range and one practically needs to get a visual about where a rocket went down in order
to home in on it. If you can get a visual, a beeper on the harness can help you make the recovery in high vegetation. I've pulled stuff out of standing corn because I shot a line to the rocket just before it went down. Just kept walking until the beeper homed me in. Very hard to make recoveries with LPR that has a completely sight unseen flight. Kurt