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Dec 30, 2003
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I am currently 17 (birthday on May 21, 1987). Say I signed up for the TRA Junior membership (17 and under) today. In the year before my Junior TRA membership expired (and I would be 18), would it be possible for me to cert under the Junior TRA membership, or would I have to sign up for the Senior membership the same year, costing me quire a bit more? I mailed TRA about this a few days ago, but have not had a response back. Link about membership


As you know, you cannot cert until you are 18 and eighteen year olds and older require a senior membership. You will have to be a Senior Member for cert, so I would say you will need to upgrade your membership.

The question now exists as to whether or not they will give you credit for the remaining months you had left as a junior. I would think not if it is under 6 months left. As a matter of fact, I would not even think about it and would upgrade my membership without hesitation. This will eleviate any of your worries. Now, before you say it, don't state you can't afford it because if you can afford HPR, you should be able to make the membership upgrade. However, if you feel it is beyond your means at this time, you can wait until you are ready and it will be much more enjoyable when you can upgrade the membership, buy your cert motor, fly, then...wait for it...

go shopping! :)


(The "wait for it..." was a little Brittish humor for our UK members) ;)
(The "wait for it..." was a little Brittish humor for our UK members)

Carl that was nearly a joke. :p