Totally Tubular came through for me

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Apr 12, 2009
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Hi all,

Some time ago I placed an order with Jim at Totally Tubular. Somehow wires got crossed, time went by and I forgot all about the order. Then the new MicroMaxx super sets showed up at my local hobby store and I remembered that order of tiny tubes from Jim.

I called him up, and quick as a whistle he got the tubes in the mail to me, and threw in a few extras (and an Edmunds glider kit! I'd mentioned my interest in passing on the phone and he was apparently paying attention! :D ) because of the long delay.

Delays happen, especially in this hobby where so many vendors do it part time. Jim went the extra mile to make it up to me, the tubes arrived nicely packed in a big triangular USPS box, and I'm now happily dreaming of MMX projects to dig into.

Thanks Jim!