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Top Flight Recovery LLC
Nov 14, 2011
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Top Flight Recovery LLC has been sold to new owners, effective today.

My wife Sarah and I purchased the business and will continue to provide all the same products. The website is temporarily closed for changing information related to new ownership address/contact information.

For those who don't know me, I've been flying high power rockets since 1994 and still have the same passion today.

The website and shipping of orders should resume back to normal the week of July 31st.


Congrats! Glad to see it's being kept in the "Wisconsin family"
Preston, that is awesome. I know Gary had been thinking of getting out for a bit.
What a positive outcome for what was already a great company! Onward and upward Preston!!
Congrats Preston! We wish you success.

-- Roger and Bracha
I've never met you or Gary personally, but you are both "famous" in my mind. Looking forward to many more purchases from Top Flight.
Congratulations to you and, Sara!

1. You bought a great company with excellent products.
2. You kept it in Vis-kon-sin...:eek:
3. I'm going to get some great discounts now! ;)

Seriously though, good luck with the new venture and, I look forward to doing business with you real soon! :D
Congratulations Preston and Sarah! Thank you Gary and Miki for everything you have done to make TFR what it is today. See you at Bong Gary.
All the best Preston and Sarah...
The beginning of a new road...
This must be very exciting..
Good for you guy's...

Congrats Preston - glad to hear it will stay with some serious Rocket enthusiasts!
One day will we see Top Noble Engines?
This is so cool! Congrats to Preston and Sarah! So happy to hear my fave recovery company lives on in great hands!

One day will we see Top Noble Engines?

1. Chemical cost.
2. Chemical storage.
3. Constant mixing to produce everyone's favorite flavor.
4. Cleanup.
5. Storage.
6. Costs for Motor testing to become "Certified".
7. Customer support.
8. Licenses...


Oh look! Gus ordered ANOTHER pretty chute in Pink/Yellow and, White! :D Sew...Sew...Sew!!;)

[YOUTUBE]yT5gTzfLb4Y[/YOUTUBE](Stolen from my pathetic YouTube Channel)

He does make a mean Sparky though-:point: