To Paint or Not to Paint the Filet

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Jan 18, 2016
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This one kills me. I've done both ways, and I'm just never happy with either result...

When painting the fins a different color than the body, do you mask off the filets and just paint the fins? Or do you mask off the body only and let the filets match the fin color? OR do you mask off half the filets?

I've taken to painting the fins the same color as the body now to avoid it altogether. :facepalm:

But I really want to paint my latest model a military gray body with 3 red fins and one white fin. Also, it will have 4 white strakes with filets. I'm doomed. :eyepop:

Pics where you loved your results would be much appreciated.
I usually try to get the fins & rocket the same colour.
but if I must split the paint, Ill split it half-way thru the fillet..
or, I'll add the 2nd colour about half way up the fin..

Or, I'll try to find scale documentation of the object with an easier paint scheme!! :D
I always do my paint designs so that the fillets are the same color as the tube. Any stripes, etc on the fins usually are at least 1/4" away from the fillets. That's because it's too hard to make perfect mask lines on fillets.
I have painted the body one color, the fins another color and then masked off just the fillet and painted it black. That looks sharp!
I like Jim#2's method (using the JimJarvis nomenclature lol)

Looks like ~1/4" around the fin same color as the fin. Seeing the tube color creep up the fillet to the fin just doesn't look right to me