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Feb 6, 2004
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Clinton, SC
I'm fixing to purchase a few kits, is it better to purchase straight from the manf. or a retailer?

In this particular case I may have to purchase from a retailer because I can consolidate a group order (someone wants some parts that the manf. doesn't have), but other than that, which do you think is better?

I would think that a manf. would probably want someone to support his retailer, despite the fact he could make a few extra bucks skipping the middle man.

And I guess an manf. cannot cut his price to a buyer because that would undercut his reseller...
Look at it this way. If you buy from a retailer (like me:D), you get a large selection, the retailer makes money from the sale, and the manufacturer makes money from what you bought from the retailer. Everybody wins in that scenario ;)