EVENT TNT - Tripoli North Texas | Seymour TX | Feb 27/28 2021

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Dec 2, 2020
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Tripoli North Texas (TNT) is honored to invite one and all to our beautiful Seymour TX launch site for a two-day weekend event on Feb 27/28, 2021. We had a great time of rocketry and fellowship at our January 2021 launch, and we are of course hopeful that the wind will cooperate a little better this time around. Saturday will be an all-day launch, Sunday morning will be a 1/2 day morning launch followed by teardown and cleanup, with the afternoon/evening to travel home. Seymour is located to the Southwest of Wichita Falls TX, and our launch site is wide open and clear in all directions for as far as the eye can see. Our current waiver is to 16,000AGL.

*** In addition, thanks to the generosity of Chris Bender from Lab Rat Rocketry, we are going to have some awesome door prizes! Lab Rat makes a variety of really cool products from Pull-Pin switches to 3-D printed goods. Check them out! ***

Please visit our website @ www.tripolinorthtexas.org/seymour for all the information regarding this launch.
Updates and additional information on our Facebook site @ https://www.facebook.com/tripolinorthtexas

If you are traveling in and need a hotel, take a look at the HH Creek Inn @ https://www.hhcreekinn.com

Our club is here to welcome you. Please contact any of the TNT Officers at anytime with questions or concerns, or ways that we can make this a better experience for you.
Fingers crossed that the conditions will be better. Based on my sneezing from the blowing dust last Saturday down here, the launch would have killed me...
Al, it was intense for sure. There were quite a few of us doubling up nasal spray :cool:

Missed you both, looking forward to perfect WX in Feb for the launch.