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Mar 11, 2009
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Been a while since I have been on here so I thought I would share todays launch with you all. I have always liked the Talon rockets and plan on buying one soon, but in the mean time I had bought a TLP Alarm and since it looked pretty close anyways I decided to bash it into kindof a Talon-esqe rocket.

I built this rocket once before and launched it several times on Estes D motors and then I tried an Aerotech single use motor and had it go ballistic on me and go into the lake so I rebuilt it. I have had it finished and sitting in my house for months now and finally found a safe place to launch it (no water :) )

I took it out today and loaded up an F39T in my 24mm casing (man, that is a fast load) and finally got it off of the ground. It was a nice and calm day till we got ready to launch and then the wind picked up a bit (about 15-17 MPH) but we launched it anyway. It started to weather cock and drifted over almost 500 ft from the launch pad before the ejection charge fired as the rocket was coming in ballistic (I need to get better at judging that delay thing I guess) and then the wind took it another 1500 ft across two very large hills and into some 5 ft tall grass. Thank god the parachute was laying on top of the grass or I would have never found it. I think I am going to put a singel chute on it next time, just a little bigger than one of the two I used on this launch.

Anyways, thankfully their was not a scratch on it. Just thought I would share a successful flight with you guys. :cool: