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Apr 7, 2004
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Hello. Just some tips and tricks just in case you all havn't figured them out, which I'm sure you all have already!

1. instant notification of 'private message' received - go to 'Profile', then 'Edit Options', then check 'yes' on the 'Pop up box when you receive a private message'

2. stop those emails saying someone has replied to your post - go to 'Profile', then 'Edit Options', then check 'no' on 'Use 'Email Notification' by default'

3. read only new posts that you havn't read before - click on 'View New Posts' near the top of the home page

4. mark threads that you don't want to read as read - click on 'Mark All Forums Read' near the bottom of each page (tip: click only when done reading all the 'new posts')

Did I miss any?
Originally posted by rocketsonly

Did I miss any?

Make plans now for the next outage... That way the withdrawal symptoms
won't be too severe!

Did I miss any?

Yes I did! Here's tip #5:

5. Find out if the receiver of a PM you sent has read it - click on 'Private Messages' near the bottom of the home page, then click on 'PM Tracking' near the bottom of the page, viola!
When you are at the TRF home page, looking at the forum headers to see if there are new posts, look at the "Most Recent Poster" screen name, and directly to the right of the name is a small button. Click on it to go directly to the new post without having to do a lot of scrolling.