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May 26, 2009
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What is your feedback regarding carbon tip to til lamination without the use of vacuum bags? My research shows that this is not only doable but often done this way all together. Clearly it is not ideal but it seems like on a wide rocket without many small radius curves, that this can be done well of the setup is carefully prepared. I have experience carbon wrapping however I don't have access to a vacuum bag setup like I did other times. Opinions appreciated.*K
Lay down the carbon and epoxy then use a sand bag or lead shot over some release film. You will need to support the fins and the tube while the epoxy cures. I know I have seen this method shown somewhere on the web, I just can't find it.:(
Depending on the weight and type of cloth you use, there may not be any need to put weight on it.

I typically use harness satin weaves, because they drape well, and rarely due I need to apply any weight to hold things in place.

Lead shot, bags with sand, anything flexible that can hold things in place is sufficient. If you don't go crazy with the weight, you don't need to support the fins -- the biggest area you need to hold things down is the fin root, where it's more likely to want to pop up.